Journalism Textbooks

1. The Associated Press Stylebook 2013 (Associated Press Stylebook and Briefing on Media Law) by Associated Press.

2. Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life by Anne Lamott.

3. Inside Reporting by Tim Harrower.

4. Advertising and Promotion: An Integrated Marketing Communications Perspective, 9th Edition by George E. Belch – Michael A. Belch.

5. Mass Media Law by Don Pember – Clay Calvert.

6. Media Ethics: Issues and Cases by Philip Patterson – Lee Wilkins.

7. Telling True Stories: A Nonfiction Writers’ Guide from the Nieman Foundation at Harvard University by .

8. Converging Media: A New Introduction to Mass Communication by John V. Pavlik – Shawn McIntosh.

9. Mass Media Law by Don Pember – Clay Calvert.

10. Melvin Mencher’s News Reporting and Writing by Melvin Mencher.

11. What the Dog Saw: And Other Adventures by Malcolm Gladwell.

12. Media Ethics: Cases and Moral Reasoning (9th Edition) by Clifford G. Christians – Mark Fackler – Kathy Brittain Richardson – Peggy J. Kreshel – Robert H. Woods.

13. Tell It Slant, 2nd Edition by Brenda Miller – Suzanne Paola.

14. Public Relations: The Profession and the Practice by Dan Lattimore – Otis Baskin – Suzette Heiman – Elizabeth Toth.

15. Reporting for the Media by John Bender – Lucinda Davenport – Michael Drager – Fred Fedler.

16. Public Relations Writing: The Essentials of Style and Format by Thomas Bivins.

17. News Reporting and Writing by Missouri Group – Brian S. Brooks – George Kennedy – Daryl R. Moen – Don Ranly.

18. A Pocket Guide to Writing in History by Mary Lynn Rampolla.

19. M: Advertising by William Arens – David Schaefer – Michael Weigold.

20. Introduction to Mass Communication: Media Literacy and Culture Updated Edition by Stanley Baran.

21. Media Politics: A Citizen’s Guide (Second Edition) by Shanto Iyengar.

22. The Art and Craft of Feature Writing: Based on The Wall Street Journal Guide by William E. Blundell.

23. Sound Reporting: The NPR Guide to Audio Journalism and Production by Jonathan Kern.

24. Feature and Magazine Writing: Action, Angle, and Anecdotes by David E. Sumner – Holly G. Miller.

25. Journalism Next: A Practical Guide to Digital Reporting and Publishing, 2nd Edition by Mark Briggs.

26. Making Media: Foundations of Sound and Image Production by Jan Roberts-Breslin.

27. The Magazine from Cover to Cover by Sammye Johnson – Patricia Prijatel.

28. Feature Writing: The Pursuit of Excellence (7th Edition) (Mysearchlab Series for Communication) by Edward Jay Friedlander – John D. Lee.

29. The Harvest Gypsies by John Steinbeck.

30. Inside Reporting by Tim Harrower.

31. Videojournalism: Multimedia Storytelling by Kenneth Kobre.

32. Broadcast News Handbook: Writing, Reporting, and Producing in the Age of Social Media by C. A. Tuggle – Forrest Carr – Suzanne Huffman.

33. Creative Editing by Dorothy A. Bowles – Diane L. Borden.

34. The Law of Journalism and Mass Communication by Robert Trager – Joseph Russoman – Susan Dente Ross.

35. Dynamics of Mass Communication: Media in Transition by Joseph Dominick.

36. Literary Journalism by Norman Sims – Mark Kramer.

37. Investigative Reporter’s Handbook: A Guide to Documents, Databases, and Techniques by Brant Houston – Inc. Investigative Reporters and Editors.

38. Television and Field Reporting (6th Edition) by Fred Shook – John Larson – John DeTarsio.

39. Blur: How to Know What’s True in the Age of Information Overload by Bill Kovach – Tom Rosenstiel.

40. Associated Press Guide to News Writing: The Resource for Professional Journalists by René J. Cappon.

41. Principles of American Journalism: An Introduction by Stephanie Craft – Charles N. Davis.

42. Losing the News: The Future of the News that Feeds Democracy (Institutions of American Democracy Series) by Alex Jones.

43. Aim for the Heart: Write, Shoot, Report and Produce for TV and Multimedia by Al Tompkins.

44. Writing to Change the World by Mary Pipher.

45. Taking Sides: Clashing Views in Mass Media and Society, Expanded by Alison Alexander – Jarice Hanson.

46. The Newspaper Designer’s Handbook by Tim Harrower – Julie Elman.

47. Mightier than the Sword: How the News Media Have Shaped American History by Rodger Streitmatter.

48. Communication and Sport: Surveying the Field by Andrew C. Billings – Michael L. Butterworth – Paul D. Turman.

49. Somebody Told Me: The Newspaper Stories of Rick Bragg by Rick Bragg.

50. From Cronkite to Colbert: The Evolution of Broadcast News by Geoffrey Baym.

51. Communication Technology Update and Fundamentals by .

52. Storycraft: The Complete Guide to Writing Narrative Nonfiction (Chicago Guides to Writing, Editing, and Publishing) by Jack Hart.

53. Reporting for the Media by John R. Bender – Lucinda D. Davenport – Michael W. Drager – Fred Fedler.

54. Media Journal: Reading and Writing About Popular Culture (2nd Edition) by Joseph Harris – Jay Rosen – Gary Calpas.

55. The Art of Editing in the Age of Convergence by Brian S. Brooks – James L. Pinson.

56. The Associated Press Stylebook and Briefing on Media Law 2011 (Associated Press Stylebook & Briefing on Media Law) by Associated Press.

57. Multimedia Foundations: Core Concepts for Digital Design by Vic Costello – Susan Youngblood – Norman E. Youngblood.

58. Reaching Audiences (6th Edition) by Jan Johnson Yopp – Katherine C. McAdams – Ryan Thornburg.

59. Writing and Reporting the News by Jerry Lanson – Mitchell Stephens.

60. Managing Electronic Media: Making, Marketing, and Moving Digital Content by Joan Van Tassel – Lisa Poe-Howfield.

61. Field Guide to Covering Sports (Field Guide Series) by Joe Gisondi.

62. Converging Media: A New Introduction To Mass Communication by John V. Pavlik – Shawn McIntosh.

63. Taking Sides: Clashing Views in Mass Media and Society by Alison Alexander – Jarice Hanson.

64. The New Ethics of Journalism: Principles for the 21st Century by KELLY MCBRIDE – Tom Rosenstiel.

65. Muckraking!: The Journalism That Changed America by .

66. Working with Words: A Handbook for Media Writers and Editors by Brian S. Brooks – James L. Pinson – Jean Gaddy Wilson.

67. Writing Broadcast News Shorter, Sharper, Stronger: A Professional Handbook by Mervin Block.

68. Advancing the Story; Broadcast Journalism in a Multimedia World 3ed by .

69. The Ethical Journalist: Making Responsible Decisions in the Pursuit of News by Gene Foreman.

70. Mass Media Law by Don Pember – Clay Calvert.

71. Broadcast News Handbook by C. A. Tuggle – Forrest Carr – Suzanne Huffman.

72. Taking Sides: Clashing Views in Media and Society by Alison Alexander – Jarice Hanson.

73. Broadcast News and Writing Stylebook (5th Edition) by Robert A. Papper.

74. Dynamics of International Advertising: Theoretical and Practical Perspectives by Barbara Mueller.

75. The Art of Access: Strategies for Acquiring Public Records by David Cuillier – Charles Davis.

76. The Press and America: An Interpretive History of the Mass Media (9th Edition) by Michael Emery – Edwin Emery – Nancy L. Roberts.

77. Media and Culture: An Introduction to Mass Communication by Richard Campbell – Christopher R. Martin – Bettina Fabos.

78. Media Ethics: Key Principles for Responsible Practice by Patrick L. (Lee) Plaisance.

79. The New New Journalism: Conversations with America’s Best Nonfiction Writers on Their Craft by Robert Boynton.

80. Metas: Spanish in Review, Moving Toward Fluency by Sharon Foerster – Anne Lambright.

81. News That Matters: Television and American Opinion, Updated Edition (Chicago Studies in American Politics) by Shanto Iyengar – Donald R. Kinder.

82. The Mind of a Journalist: How Reporters View Themselves, Their World, and Their Craft by William James (Jim) Willis.

83. Media Writer’s Handbook: A Guide to Common Writing and Editing Problems by George Arnold.

84. Thinking Critically About Ethical Issues by Vincent Ruggiero.

85. Media Ethics: Key Principles for Responsible Practice by Patrick L. (Lee) Plaisance.

86. Broadcast News Writing, Reporting, and Producing by Frank Barnas – Ted White.

87. What the Dog Saw: And Other Adventures by Malcolm Gladwell.

88. Producing Online News: Digital Skills, Stronger Stories by Ryan M Thornburg.

89. Four Theories of the Press: The Authoritarian, Libertarian, Social Responsibility and Soviet Communist Concepts of What the Press Should Be and Do (Illini Books) by Fred S. Siebert – Theodore Peterson – Wilbur Schramm.

90. Media Ethics at Work: True Stories from Young Professionals by Lee Anne Peck – Guy S Reel.

91. The Student Newspaper Survival Guide by Rachele Kanigel.

92. Muckraking: Three Landmark Articles by Ellen F. Fitzpatrick.

93. Writing and Reporting News: A Coaching Method (Mass Communication and Journalism) by Carole Rich.

94. Media Relations in Sport by Brad Schultz – Philip H. Caskey – Craig Esherick.

95. MediaWriting: Print, Broadcast, and Public Relations by W. Richard Whitaker – Janet E. Ramsey – Ronald D. Smith.

96. Keith’s Radio Station: Broadcast, Internet, and Satellite by John Allen Hendricks – Bruce Mims.

97. Uncivil Wars: Political Campaigns in a Media Age by Thomas A. Hollihan.

98. The New Censorship: Inside the Global Battle for Media Freedom (Columbia Journalism Review Books) by Joel Simon.

99. Electronic Media: Then, Now, and Later by Norman J. Medoff – Barbara K. Kaye.

100. Field Guide to Covering Local News: How to Report on Cops, Courts, Schools, Emergencies, and Government by Fred Bayles.